dod_front_paperbackI put my first book up on Smashwords, which is an online publishing site that lets you upload your electronic files and convert them into every conceivable ebook format for downloading.

You can go get yourself an ebook copy of Diamond of Darkness there now for free.

All told I moved about 17 copies of the Kindle version and 15 of the print version. Not bad considering I’m nobody, and hey I made some beer money—about 2 bucks per Kindle version and 5 bucks per print copy in royalties. Fun!

Though I figured with as many friends and family as I had I would have sold closer to 100. I didn’t aim low enough!

I did an official giveaway of 2 print copies, and I gave away another 12 print copies in the hopes of reviews.

Despite positive reactions only 1 family member and 2 friends wrote reviews. I was hoping for more feedback, even if it was poor—how else can I improve or have evidence there’s no hope? Still, all valuable data just the same.

So the hek with it, I lowered the print version from $20.00 to $14.99 which looks nicer than the $14.05 that would be cost. I tried making the Kindle version free (Seth Godin recommends it!), but you have to do a minimum of $0.99 for pricing. So that’s where it is now.

However! Smashwords allows you to do the freebie dance, so there I go. Actually, the interface was smooth and the instructions were pretty thorough and clear. Much better than the crummy Amazon no-help guide I used last year. I hope the Amazon hosers have improved since then because that bit the big one.

I’m busy working on Book 2 of the series, so I think as it comes into being this first book will slowly be moved aside for the fresh meat. There’s not much more I can do besides an audio file.

In the meantime, enjoy your free meal.