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188_auric_woolyThis is the last post you have been waiting for.

There was a commenter five years ago who asked me what this was all leading up to. Good question! As if I knew.

It’s been leading up to this. I started this blog with the intention of it being a creative writing outlet for me that other people would find interesting. However, the traffic on this blog has been nearly non-existent for five years.

I have little sense of the energy people find in what I do here.

I can do creative writing without having to post it in public, so I’m going to retreat to the innermost sanctum of my workshop and do the labor there.

There will still be stuff. This is the Transmutation phase. That means I’m changing the way I do things here. What I will likely focus on are reviews and the occasional episode of some kind of artistic creation I put out. I’m going to change the format and design of this website in a little while.

What brought about this change in attitude?

About a year and a half ago I felt the website had done all the work it was going to do for me. I’ve been working on thoughts and prayers that might help me figure out what comes next. All while I was going on the biggest adventure of my entire life.

That adventure is now done.

I have plucked the onion from the ashes of the Gingerbread Witch Spider and received the treasures within.

I am just myself.

130_dailylifeOh boy, no sooner have I survived Thanksgiving (thank God) then the super booster sends life right into the most horrible time of the year like a bonus round right out of Hek. Santa Claws is coming to town again and I’m all out of vuvuzellas this time. Final alert!

In other words, the biggest holiday of the year for me is now in full effect.

I call it the Holidaze. It starts on so-called “Black Friday” and ends on New Year’s Day. In between that time is the last darkening of the light as hell on earth reaches its peak and then peters out with the solstice. Always a spiritually trying time for me.

Everybody always seems so out of it, which affects my general well-being. I try to make the best of things and do good deeds but most of the time I feel like Charlie Brown in the smoulder pit.

This year though, something seems different. Oh yeah, I changed a lot this last year what with my adventure coming to a close and finding myself in a different frame of mind, or at least a more complete one. I think I will explore this a little as I go about my usual holidaze experiences.

The season may be weird and disorienting, but it’s also often charged with possibilities and a little magic. I got my guard up, but I’m also open to new possibilities. Something does feel different.