I’m Paul, an artist and web developer. This website is a project devoted to my creative output, specifically my writing. I’m here to give visitors something interesting to read, and provide information on my novels.

Feel free to send transmissions to publicity (at) paultristanfergus (dot) com.

Where Are The Comments?
I intend to preserve a certain amount of harmony in my personal space. I’m not interested in moderating discussions and spam on a regular basis. It’s about the stuff!

I have, from time to time, opened posts up for limited-time discussion. Just don’t hold your breath; they’re not a priority for me.

When a post is open for comments, my basic stance is “my sandbox, my rules.”  If I don’t like what you say, you might not make it through the gauntlet.

About the Disclaimer Tag
My general review policy is never to accept items for review—if it interests me I will purchase it myself and post about it. I’m very wary of any kind of influence even a friendly gift imposes on the receiver.

On the off chance an exception occurs, I will tag that post with a Disclaimer tag. This is so you will know that I believe there is a possibility of such influence having been exerted and therefore possibly compromising my own critical analysis.

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