I dislike blogrolls made up of dozens and dozens of links. While I have a large number of watering holes I visit, my purpose is to keep the front page blogroll list a short one. As my interests change, and the watering holes mutate, I’ll keep this page handy as a reference for the sites I occasionally visit.

Asking the Wrong Questions
Abigail renders concise analysis of entertainment.

Bob Kinney Austin Music & More
Bob examines the back alleys and side streets of Austin’s music scene.

CRIME and the Forces of Evil
A band of former superheroes share their stories and their songs.

Easily digestible morsels of analysis from the clever-minded ferret crew.

Games Design Art Culture
Greg Costikyan sounds the trumpet of gameplay revolution!

Grumpy Old Bookman
Intelligent and friendly analysis of books and publishing.

Heartfire Healing Arts
Yoga instructor and therapist Darcy Lyon shares her passion for restoring to wholeness.

I Can Has Cheezburger
Cats, Starcraft Refs, and an elusive cheezburger.

A strange contraption, but a familiar rock-n-roll sound.

Jim DeRogatis the Critic
Seasoned, straightforward pop music analysis.

Kristen Lund
Holistic therapy and counseling in the Minneapolis area.

Maggie’s Chronicles
Organic observations and minty musings.

Midwest Older Parent Guy
Mr. Lund copes with existence in a world of middle-age parenting quests.

Neek Design
Websites, print materials; if you need design and marketing you’ve come to the right place!

Online Etymology Dictionary
Looking for words in all the right places.

Literary agent Kristin gives the publishing facts of life in a nice and polite manner.

Unique As You
Colorful, creative Renne is a superheroine who believes in you!

The articulate gadfly of science fiction hams it up.

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