gvd_master.jpgAll you folks in the DC area who are fans of Count Gore De Vol and looking for something to do this Saturday, here’s a pass-along-the-word for ya.

Yeah, I know this is sudden-death notice.  Get in line for the neck-bite.

What: Documentary Film “Every Other Day is Halloween” by C.W. Prather
When: Saturday, June 27 at 8:20 p.m.
Where: At the American Film Institute Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD

The Count will be there, along with a bunch of other famous people (whom I don’t know).  There will be costumes and props to gawk at and a cash bar reception for getting tanked.  The Count will pose for pictures and sign autographs.  He’ll also be packing a limited supply of Captain 20 pictures!

Advance tickets should still be available at the AFI Box Office, so check it out yo.

Probably better information too, at the official website.  You know you have to click, The Count compels you!