Moving boxes after boxes out of the haunted house of real-world material.  Extracting this stuff from the compactoid dimensional squeeze of the grounds is an exercise in patience.  The place we’re moving into is welcoming us with new energy freed for use.  So much of our psychic reserves have been used in keeping the ghosts happy and the monsters at arm’s length.  The Chucky style doll stays.

My personal starship patrol skills were needed at a technology in music education event in DC this weekend.  There was a need to keep the photon accelerators running and that meant me tractor beaming people at the right moments to achieve idea fusion.  Bonus round ideas were assimilated by the sensor sweep, and one can’t underestimate the power of intergalactic relations by meeting knowledgeable and committed people in similar fields.  Rock the mike!

Relatives galore coming in to survey the scene.  Word travels fast when there’s a transformation in the ectoplasm of fright night.  Hopefully I can keep my mental field together long enough to accomplish remaining objectives before the haunted house deadline.  When that dimensional rift closes it’s going to be a brand new reality.  Beer and chicken wings for all!

All art projects are on hold, have been on hold for a while.  Those lucky few who have been recipients lucked out.  It’s all static as I haven’t had any time to break out the gear and do any recombinant work.  Fear not, book continues in drastically reduced baking speed, comics on the hopper, and pictures will be restored to this website soon as I can let the superstructure and engine stress points bleed off safely.  My audio show experiments will soon bear fruit, all will be coming up hot pockets of the soul!  Or at least a nice tasty sandwich on a summer meadow’s day.

July 4th will see me and the fergaloid clan shooting off fireworks to chase all the destructoids away and get the spirits poppin’ the fresh dough.  Pizza of Doom will be a happenin’ in, yo ho ho.  Rum punch and slackazoids will be a flowin’.

But for now, face to the floor eating dirt.  It’s still Terminatargh time.