It’s now October, my favorite time of the year.  K and I retreated to one of our hiding places for a few days to recover our strength and reconnect with our vital energies.  Even though we’ve more or less beaten the bugs back to the Stone Age, the toll of the struggle, along with work and chore duties had really gotten us both off track.  It took being out in the wilderness, with a nice warm fireplace and ani-mani-mals with unrestricted access codes to the outdoors all around, to get the jibber-jabber out of our sensor arrays.

As far as anipals go, we saw lots of deer (use gentleness to heal those who need healing), a large hunting spider in our cabin (weaving the patterns of your life to catch opportunity), and even a bear made a brief appearance (use introspection to connect with your deepest layers of truth).  I’m sensing a pattern here.

The kitties were less than thrilled at eating out of timed relay dispensers and water dishes going for the long play.  They’re used to instant room service, you see.  But all was forgotten the moment we came back.  Nothing gets the kitties back on an even keel like a pair of devoted heating pads that deliver the goods when you need it.  Life is good for the little ragamuffins.

I also came back with a moleskinne full of thoughts, reflections, and some really far-out dreams.  I jotted down some topics for development and eventual posting here, and I ruminated over some revisions in the book that are still yet to come.  Oh yeah, that.  I’m 60% through the revisions, and I’ve been going over some candidate passages I’ll post here to satisfy your curiosity, perhaps even a full page, woo and hoo!

I’m excited.  This time of year, everything just becomes so interesting to me.  The weather starts to get milder, the psychology of people is in a transitive state, and the darker recesses of my brain stem start churning with ideas.  I definitely feel my Celtic roots responding to the wrap up of what has been a very tumultuous year.