130_dailylifeToday I sent out the books for the five winners of my Goodreads giveaway. 620 people signed up for the giveaway and 273 of them put me on their to-read list. I’ve gone from a complete unknown to a mostly unknown author, hooray!

Today was a wonderful, sunny day. The bird feeder was refreshed, and the birds came in like gangbusters. They picked the corn and sunflower seeds out and went back to the nest. Good times. I gave Frankie a taste of the air and the sunlight; she was stunned, but purred and soaked it in like a little solar panel.

The cats all got love today; pet-downs and cat-grass. All of them calmly purring and happy, dozing off into sleep in the sun-filled apartment. Very soothing.

I also sent out a birthday card, so bonus round!