The five year anniversary of this website was August 1st. I spent all of the month of August meditating on the meaning and my next course of action. I find it difficult to put in detailed words how this represents a closure and a new beginning.

The UFO is the end result of this five years of work—if you have been wondering where it all leads, there is your answer. All I can say is wow what a long-winded and intensely personal artistic endeavor!

Part of me wants to chuck everything into the furnace and burn it down to the ground. I have a strong urge to destroy artistic projects once I’ve accomplished them. Yet I feel this time is different. I have a new task to build upon using what I have created.

I’ve been examining the past material and reckoning with the urge to change and adapt. A new expression must arise as I take flight in this UFO. To mindlessly repeat seems inappropriate. To continue on without some response feels wrong.

Yet I have limitations. I feel right up against them. Is this where I push them aside? Or push aside what I believe them them to be? I don’t know!

I’m ready to throw in the towel if that’s what is required of me. Though, I can’t help but feel now that I am finally here maybe something amazing will happen. I’m back to the beginning of where I ran away.

This website will continue. In the meantime I will strive to figure out what it needs to be in the years to come, now that the foundations and groundwork have been laid out and put into action.