Hanging out with the Sphinx in the valley.  Trees but no trees.  Mizzle in the desert.  Listening to the silence and the inactivity until I wonder if I can listen any more.

The skeleton trees sing to me with voices of nothingness.

They remind me that I’ve been here before many times, striving to see and understand.  Their song digs out of me buried and forgotten memories, prayers, and responses.

The Sphinx shows me there is no riddle and that I must create my own answers.

The Celtic New Year, a time of spirits and dreams of the imagination, comes to a close again.  Inside me, fresh life is being brought out of the darkest crawlways and unexplored cubbyholes of my failures and mistakes.

Lucerna’s training comes back to me; her wise and understanding influence has opened up in me a wholehearted casket of human riches. Expanding myself to fill those potentials is a lifetime of commitment and practice.

There is a UFO being built inside of me.

I see myself as I used to be, and might have been.  Surviving the outgrowing of those parts of me has been a chimerical nightmare.

I once went looking for Shiva in search of an explanation. Now I’m the one who will provide the explanation!

It’s as if I’m in the source of all Destroyed Bourns and simply recharging, rebuilding, renewing; and this time I and the universe are zero and one at the same time because I’ve passed through the temptation of unredeemed lust and released the power that does not belong to me.  I think, I feel the sun shining through me is an opening even as I close a circle to completion.

I have other promises to keep.