There was a recurring dream I used to have.  In it, I was allowed to see what anyone and everyone is in this life.  Really.  I got to see what the DEAL was for anyone’s life.  All I had to do was think of someone I knew and look.

I could never remember what it was I saw when I woke up.  I just remember the feeling of seeing what people wanted to be and wanted to see.  It was not given to me to behold more than that.  I only knew that I awoke wishing I could call people up and say, “Hey, I know what you’re meant to do in this life.”

So I get up in this dream’s face.  Yo dream stuff, if you want to help people, then why the part about people having to find out about what they need to do?  It’s enough of a trouble to be born and not know anything.

The nothing does the total answer back at me and says people have to figure it out on their own.  Everyone had to eat dirt in the blackest tunnels no matter where and who they are.

I get so very angry.

Doesn’t this dream know what people are going through?  I feel so much for people I can’t explain it.  Weird dialog boxes show up in my mental word processor when I try to get real with it.

Caring is what is dangerous.  Empathy is a dissident act.

Because I care, I get to see there’s a Script.  It’s only now that I realize that’s a message.

No, it’s true.  You have a quest in this life.  I might have seen it.  Do you need me to tell you it’s real?

Then it dawns on me.  Why didn’t I ever think of myself and look?

Because that’s not what happens in the Script!