023_monster.jpgThere’s still more monsters, and I’m on a mission to check these creatures out. But I have a feeling this next one is going to be a little difficult to track down. So in the meantime, I’m gathering my clues and taking care of ordinary starship relations.

I think about my Hek-sistah Xtine and her digging in the foundations analogy. How sometimes when you’re doing the work all you’re doing is digging. A shovel here, a pick chop there, a little brushing away of detritus, repeat. There are some clues I don’t mention here because they don’t add up or they are of a personal nature not easily shared. Not all of my meditations or investigations bear fruit.

There are long stretches of down time, which I save you the reader from having to bother with. However, this means I sometimes make this look easier than it actually is.

But I do have an image of this next monster. It’s a creature of acid, tentacles, and a big leering eye looking deep into my nasty innards.