015_hekate.jpgI get back from my stupid search for the alien critter, and I receive the Mr. Megaphone treatment from UFO Girl.  She just made all that stuff up.  The big hoot was watching me blunder around in an area of high psychic radioactivity, with malfunctioning killer robots wandering around ready to smash skulls.  The excitement of wondering whether I would fall down go boom or get opened like a can of tuna was a blast for her.

She beams over the right aural frequency to open my Hek-mail, since she’s decided to be a bad sport and randomly do the left thing anyway.

There’s a long dramatic scene in my brain where the Hek-mail uncoils, shifts and turns inside over outside to reveal a burst of rainbow colors that floor my mental sight.  I feel like this has a touch of the Dark Goddess in it.

I have the experience of traveling down a long hallway of rich, dark stone.  There are torches on the walls in the shape of fishes, with weird black-yellow flames burning from their mouths.  Everywhere there are wild dogs with hollowed out eye sockets of soft blue light.  They follow me at a distance, or rest with paws outstretched in nooks and crannies on the sides of the hallway.  They might once have been people, but their energies have now been directed towards the movement of divine purposes.

The hallway ends in a wide, narrow cavern with a lake of cold, clear nectar all along the irregular floor.  The nectar lake glows with a living firefly light of golden green.  I step into the lake at the edges and my feet tingle with the cold stickiness of it.  All around me is a ghostly presence of life-giving sensation.  The cosmic wind of the galaxies is whistling through my hair.  I listen, and wait to hear the message that is coming to me from a mysterious, fantastic power.

My being here is the message, and also the thing I must do.

I leave the cavern behind, and return through the hallway to the world.  For a long while I’m surrounded by a literal darkness of incomprehension.  What was all that about?  As I come to my senses, the thought enters my mind that the monsters are coming, and I’m going to help them come into the world.  To protect them from human beings, and let them have their life too.  The Queen of Monsters has entrusted me with a spark of her strange light, and now I have to get to work.  The monsters need me.  The apparition has come, and there’s no more time to waste.

The image of an arcane stick enters my brain, and a place I have to go.  A state of mind I’d really rather take a pass on.  It appears I’m still on adventure duty.