August 1st was the one year anniversary of my setting up this website. I wasn’t able to post that day, owing to an overload of stress causing my body to weird out on me. Not like the fuel cells were full of anything exciting to say, anyway.

K nursed me back to auxiliary power with a combination of tea and chicken soup. The backyard garden is doing way better than our association plot, so she was able to toss in all sorts of yummy fresh herbs like parsley and rosemary to kick it up a notch. I’m going to have to post my chicken soup recipe at some point.

Here I am, still working on that dang first book a year and half later. Who would have guessed revisions and editing were such a chore? A dream suggested a title to me, which I’ve been rolling around in my head. I’ve decided on a cover, so pretty soon I’ll be doing the illustration for that. Also, I’ve strained my brain over POD versus mainstream publishing, and I’m committed to POD now. There’s too much freedom to turn it down. I’m doing this for the work, wherever it goes.

The website itself hasn’t progressed as much as I’d have liked, but I’m satisfied with the results so far. I’m thinking simple is good, and if the energy to make major changes hasn’t been there, then it’s not time to do anything complicated yet. My desire has been to be a word of mouth affair, centered on the people in my life who actually know me. I’ve cut out the search engines because I’m shy and withdrawn, even now.

I’ve heard tell that it takes two years for a website to be discovered. For now, I’m enjoying the creative anonymity of being known to only fifty-eight unique visitors, even if ten of them are bots.