Sheesh, talk about landing on the “total beatdown” square.  The flu put me out for a while, then kept me coughing for a good three and a half weeks.  My old friend Dr. C told me it’d be about that long.  I have to say that without the tea and honey remedy (and I mean heavy on the honey, enough to make me an addict now), my cough would have been a lot more uncomfortable.  Next on the random encounters table, an “all-monsters-attack” project at the paycheck factory.  No sleep till Brooklin!  To top it off, major drama at K’s work which meant I had to put all emergency power still remaining into keeping her sane until the matter resolved itself.

I’ve managed to keep plugging away at my red lines, and working on my appointed psychological task (update soon to come).  I’ve been letting some friends take the first ten pages home to read, and give me feedback over lunch.  So far, the feedback has been positive, which has me both pleased and nervous.  The consensus has been that they wanted more, and that’s good, but really impatient for me to finish so they can read the whole thing.  I’m getting closer, and making great strides, but the thing isn’t baked yet.  Getting to that point where people can smell something good, I suppose.

The garden is requiring attention now, which has me worried because it’s going to need some serious long term work very soon.  Stuff is planted, and the layout is almost complete, but the weeds are getting ready to attack for the kill.  This year’s focus is going to be potatoes instead of tomatoes.  I have a line of tomato cages ready to receive this year’s candidates, and last year’s jalapeno seeds are growing in their moss pills sucking up the water and sun of spring’s dawning beauty.  Totally intense dude!