I’ve decided on removing the Colloquial Speech category. I realize that I can be a bit rambling and unclear most times. I’ll struggle to keep what I say clear and to the point as much as I am able. It’s all about remembering to speak earthling for the earthlings.

I’m taking a web writing class, of all things. I’m hoping that the concepts in the class will adhere to my brain stem in some usable fashion. It’s covering a lot of ground I already am familiar with. My studies in writing have exposed me to a lot of the concepts already, but I’m pleased to see it confirmed elsewhere. I’m on the right track!

In other words, since I decided to commit myself to being a writer, strange doors continue to open up for me. It’s as if Carlos Castaneda was right about the path that heals and empowers you, and Joseph Campbell was right about following your bliss. I get a free bonus round of study to improve what I’m doing already, whee!

In other news, I made an edit to my Rum Punch recipe. Due to a failure to clarify what I meant, exactly, one of my guests was unsure about two of the ingredients. Well, “Mr. Enjoy Your Meal”, just wait until I put out the Family Punch Recipe I learned from my Pa! The mutations continue!

Watched Rambo IV. Much better than I expected.  Went with my friend Liephus.  We had a blast watching the carnage unfold.  I’d say that Rambo II is still the best, but IV is definitely number 2 on the list of the Rambo movies.  It was everything you’d expect it to be, but what the heck.  I see maybe 1 or 2 movies a year at most.  I’m off the hook, and it wasn’t a horrible experience, because the theater forgot to play the stupid commercials!