A year ago yesterday, I started writing my book. I’d accumulated my material and worked out the framework about four months prior to that, but it was January 20th when I sat down and got busy. In three months, I’d written the draft – what I like to call the naked ore version. Since then, for the last nine months I’ve been working on the revsions to beat the book into shape and flesh out the material. The last few days have been the hardest, since the most difficult revisions have been near the end. I’ve re-written characters, scenes and descriptions in numerous places. In others I’ve taken out things that didn’t work, or I’ve added things I hadn’t thought of at the time. All during this time I’ve scoured the internets for information on how to make my writing better, and ways to improve my story. I’ve hit the bookstores and the libraries on the off chance I might find something useful. I’ve also dug through my own piles of available information for inspiration and contemplation.

Surprisingly, I found that things came to me at the right times, as if doors opened up for me because I had decided to do this thing. I’ve been devouring knowledge and in some cases, spitting out or tossing aside what didn’t make sense to me or didn’t work. I’ve been working on my formula, my own personal special sauce and it’s a blast. Difficult work, but addictive and exciting.

Now that the major revisions are done, and on a strangely auspicious date, I can ready myself for the next step – the polish and editing stage. I don’t anticipate it will be as tough as the first revison, but I have a suspicion it will take some time. I’ve already noted 3 or 4 places that will require a further revision, and there are some continuity issues that don’t quite fit together. There’s also the question of errors and mistakes that might lie hidden. I’ve caught most of them, but I just know there are many left. I’m just going to have to rely on an outside perspective for that angle.

For now, I’m going to step back for a little while, and let the whole immensity of it percolate and brew. I’m going to spend the next week or so concentrating on my cover choices, and refreshing my memory on what kinds of requirements I have to work within for Lulu. I’m very excited, because this is a major step forward for me in getting my work out there for people to experience. I’m making stuff!