I suppose it had to happen sometime, so I may as well admit to the wah-wah-wahhh now rather than go into denial.  Yup, that blog malaise has settled in, and it looks like I won’t be a-postin’ every weekday as I’d hoped to do for at least a few months.  Fear not, this is merely an adjustment of the psyche rather than a complete reactor meltdown.  I’ve been writing my posts on Sunday and hitting ‘publish’ on the relevant day, but alas I’ve been too crummy even to manage that.  Believe it or not, I’ve been flaking on just logging in to press a button!  Sadness, part Deux.

I guess this means I’m going to go into the “post when I feel like it” mode that most blogs seem to settle into.  Hopefully, the quality of what I do post will slightly improve.  I’m not satisfied with all the variables yet, so expect more mutations down the line.  And I need to “get kraken” on improving this page some more.  As Roseanne Rosanna-Dana said, “it’s always something!”  I had to see what a merciless posting schedule was like, as I wasn’t sure if I understood how the intermittent posting worked conceptually.  With some data in hand, I believe I’m more comfortable now going to that very thing.

Plenty of goodies in the queue, so Guy Caballero at SCTV won’t have to do a “street beat” sketch to get some programming out of me.  I have an idea for a post where I’ll open things up for a discussion, just to see what happens, though that’ll happen when it happens.  Considering what further tidbits about the current book I’ll tease you with in the weeks to come.  I’d like to add more pictures and links, but it seems like everyone but me has the knack for that right now.  I’m just going to have to let that creative cauldron simmer a while until the meat gets tender and the vegetables melt in your mouth.