I managed to make my way through the stupendous beat-down and reach a sector relatively free of strange activity or mental illness clouds.  The Chaos Hordes are still out there, but at least I have a chance to perform decompression and decontamination on a mental level, and go through recharge and re-program procedures.

Sometimes, when I really need to be by myself and refresh the waters of purity inside me, I sit on the couch and read tons of books.  I got myself a whole bunch to go over, even though I’m not done with the last batch of goodies I got for myself.  I’m non-linear when it comes to exposing myself to people’s ideas.

I also took the time to be open to new transmissions from the divine universe.  I watched Yellow Submarine for inspiration and took away some affirmations of insight to feed my recharge.  I noticed a lot of friends have been revealing themselves as internets-connected to me.  Their dedication and creativity invigorates me.  Bless you guys and gals, I’m down with you +1.

I think I have a topic that I’ll open for discussion.  K admonished me for not doing more topics on that note, despite my miserly stance.  Stay tuned for something along those lines soon.

At work I got a new assistant, and she rocks the mike.  I guess I just have to admit to myself that the age of the DP is over, and it’s the era of AW.  All the weird stuff going on out there in the world, I’m just trying to stay alive and not get jacked.  But I have to remember things can get better.  Now that work is back on main power, I can envision other things.

So here’s what I’m reading right now:

  1. Joseph Campbell – Historical Atlas of World Mythology Volume I: The Way of the Seeded EarthPart 1: The Sacrifice
  2. Joseph Campbell – Historical Atlas of World Mythology Volume II: The Way of the Seeded EarthPart 2: Mythologies of the Primitive Planters: The Northern Americas
  3. Manga:  Natsumi Ando / Miyuki Kobayashi – Kitchen Princess Number 2
  4. Manga:  Rumiko Takahashi – InuYasha Number 2
  5. Manga:  Akira Toriyama – Dragonball Z Number 1
  6. Manga:  Akira Toriyama – Dragonball Z Number 2
  7. John Dewey – Freedom and Culture
  8. Rachel Roberts – Avalon / Web of Magic Book 1: Circles in the Stream
  9. Tamora Pierce – Song of the Lioness:  Alanna The First Adventure
  10. Scott McCloud – Making Comics

I lumped these puppies onto my pile because I need to reconnect with primal things inside me.  I’m looking to learn more about things western culture just ain’t got.  I want to read about heroines, not heroes.  And I’m looking to explore info on the roots of my society, and the specifics on how comics are made.

Who knows where this investigation will lead, but I need to experience the lifeforce of new thoughts and ways of feeling.  Reloading on the shields, warp, and blast-a-roos means getting your brain in order with the rest of your bodily needs.  You may think that sitting on a couch reading is all about the mind, but no.  It’s working a lot more than some secondary organ that thinks it’s running the show.